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Automated Parking Systems

Features and benefits

Our car stacking systems have an abundance of features and benefits over traditional concrete car parks.

Automated Parking

Maintenance Friendly

The AUTO-PARK system is extremely maintenance friendly. Watch the video to see moreĀ 

Automated Parking


Our system is built like a kit set. This means we have the ability to add or subtract cells where necessary. Watch the video to find out moreĀ 

Automated Parking


Our system is easily portable and can be bolted down and moved to a new location. Watch the video to learn more

Automated Parking


Our parking system is one of the greenest car parks availble in the market. Using electric mechanics this helps us achieve a low energy output

Automated Parking


Our parking system is one of the safest car park systems on the planet. No one is allowed inside the building unless authorised. Car dings and break ins are a thing of the past with Auto-Park

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