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Global Parking Solutions have several products that can help your solution


The Auto-Park Cube is our most popular product. The basic cube requires 24m x 20m footprint and can go as high as 20m. The cube can house up to 112 cars and is modular meaning we can add more parking cells if required. 

AUTO-PARK Turntable

Global Parking Solutions turntables are a great solution for tight spaces where cars need to be rotated. Fully automatic these are a great inclusion for your next development.


The Auto-Park Tower is a great solution for developers looking to maximise land space. The tower can be installed conveniently next to apartment blocks to add more car parks for tight areas.  


Global Parking Solutions car lifts are a great solution for developments that require storing cars in high places. The lift can be installed to move a car from the ground to the roof car park without needing driveways and expensive ramps.


The Auto-Shuffle product is designed to shuffle cars around while utilising space. The Auto-Shuffle can move cars up, down and sideways to help manage tight car parking space.

More Products...

Storage Stackers

Our car stacking technology can also be converted into storage stacking for warehousing and other product stacking.

Boat & Bus Stacker

Cars are not the only vehicles we can stack... Boats and Buses can also be stacked using our technology.

Car Wash Feature

Global Parking Solutions are currently working on adding car washing abilities into our car stacking solution. Meaning your car would get washed while in storage.

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