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Global Parking is proud to add both New Zealand Enforcement Services and Kiwi Parking into our business portfolio. Both providers offer a range of technologies and parking related solutions that add the utmost value to all property, business and parking related operations. Our services are aimed to provide the world with state of the art technologies that improve the life of all parties involved, whilst significantly increasing value to all aspects of business or property. 

Future of parking

Our portfolio has been developed in conjunction with one another, therefore creating an ecosystem of technologies that each provide a niche service and increased value. Although not all customers will require the ecosystem, they have been developed to operate self sufficiently and pushed on their own accord. 

"Using state of the art technology to create a fair and stress free environment, whilst adding significant value to your operations."

Matthew Bodger - Account Management at Amalgamated Car Park Services.

New Zealand Enforcement Services

New Zealand Enforcement Services (NZES), is todays alternative to hard enforcement strategies such as clamping or towing. Our app based ticketing service allows personal control and discretion over enforcing your property. Our app based platform can be used globally, and can be set up in less than 10 minutes. If you are a commercial landowner, a lessee, property manager, or even a security operator, our solutions are for you. 

Kiwi Parking

We have developed smart technologies to revolutionise the way parking operates, and to take the stresses out of both parking and property related professionals and users. Unused car parking bays are one of the most undervalued assets in a business or property environment. Our services allow anyone to use their parking bays to generate income. Whether its enough to buy your weekly coffees, or to service property costs – our services can aid.

Our portfolio

The ecosystem

"We have worked tirelessly to develop a world class eco-system within our technology that works towards allowing the reallocation of our clients valuable resources"

Joshua Baker - Marketing and Operations Executive at Kiwi Parking and Global Parking Soltutions

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