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State of the art Automated Parking Systems

the Future Of Parking

We develop automated parking systems

State of the art car park solutions that will add tremendous value to your next project. We provide a full car stacking service that will transform the way people park their cars.

From Apartment blocks, to large commercial developments, Global Parking Solutions International will cater to all shapes and sizes.


The Global Parking Solutions Car Stacking product has many features and benefits.

Space Optimisation

Our product only takes up roughly 1 / 3 of a conventional car park. Meaning you have more land to utilize for other needs.

Modular & Portable

All of our car stackers are modular and portable, meaning parking cells can be added or subtracted easily.

Increased Revenue

Earn increased revenue due to the lower operating costs and setup costs associated with our product.

Safe & Secure

Our car stacker product is designed so no one is allowed inside the system. Your car is safe and secure from dings and theft.

Low Maintenance

Our car stacking products are fully automated and run by electro rather than hydraulics. This prevents high volume of maintenance.

Flexible in design

We can customize the design of our product to suit your needs. We can provide our stacking technology to meet any requirements you have.

New Zealand Enforcement Services

New Zealand Enforcement Services (NZES), is todays alternative to hard enforcement strategies such as clamping or towing. Our app based ticketing service allows personal control and discretion over enforcing your property. Our app based platform can be used globally, and can be set up in less than 10 minutes. If you are a commercial landowner, a lessee, property manager, or even a security operator, our solutions are for you. 

Kiwi Parking

We have developed smart technologies to revolutionise the way parking operates, and to take the stresses out of both parking and property related professionals and users. Unused car parking bays are one of the most undervalued assets in a business or property environment. Our services allow anyone to use their parking bays to generate income. Whether its enough to buy your weekly coffees, or to service property costs – our services can aid.

Our portfolio

The ecosystem

How we save space?

Our parking solution can save you around 40% of the space needed to stack cars compared to a conventional parking model

Application Controled

Given we offer state of the art stacking technology , we thought it was only appropriate it was controlled by a world class application. Book your bay, extend your bay, and release your vehicle all through one platform.

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Global Parking Solutions offers a flexible solution to your next development. From large scale projects to small, We have the most competitive automated car stacking solution in the market.

For Your Next Development

Global Parking Solutions offers the latest innovation in parking systems, providing a cost-effective and space saving alternative to conventional car parking models.


Take a peek into how our automated car stacking solution works. 

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