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Changing The Future Of Parking

Automated Parking systems (APS)

State of the art car park solutions that will add tremendous value to your next project. We provide a full car stacking service that will transform the way people park their cars.

From Apartment blocks, to large commercial developments, Global Parking Solutions NZ Ltd will cater to all shapes and sizes.

We Bring Something Special


Developed and Designed with the Environment in mind, making us one of the only 100% green car parks on the market.

Increased Capacity

Simply designed to maximise space. Increased number of car park spaces per available area compared to conventional parking structures.

Low Maintenance

Our system is fully automated meaning maintenance is low. Our system does not need an operator and runs autonomously.


The Global Parking Solutions Car Stacking product has many features and benefits.

Space Optimisation

Our product only takes up roughly 1 / 3 of a conventional car park. Meaning you have more land to utilize for other needs.

Modular & Portable

All of our car stackers are modular and portable, meaning parking cells can be added or subtracted easily.

Increased Revenue

Earn increased revenue due to the lower operating costs and setup costs associated with our product.

Safe & Secure

Our car stacker product is designed so no one is allowed inside the system. Your car is safe and secure from dings and theft.

Low Maintenance

Our car stacking products are fully automated and run by electro rather than hydraulics. This prevents high volume of maintenance.

Flexible in design

We can customize the design of our product to suit your needs. We can provide our stacking technology to meet any requirements you have.

How we differ from conventional


We can customise our car stackers to fit your needs. We can build high without compromising land space.


Due to the fact our car stacking solution is not made from concrete, the cost is dramatically less to produce. This means its cost effective for your next development.


Conventional concrete car parks can take years to build which can hold up developments from completion. Our car stacking solution takes a fraction of the time to complete.


Because our car stacking solution is automated, car safety becomes a huge positive compared to a conventional car park. Car dings, and dents won't occur with our system.

How we save space?

Our parking solution can save you around 40% of the space needed to stack cars compared to a conventional parking model

100% Clean & Green

We believe clean and green is one of the most important attributes that need to be considered when developing new products. We are now proud to announce that our system is one of the only 100% clean and green car parks available in the market.


Global Parking Solutions offers a flexible solution to your next development. From large scale projects to small, We have the most competitive automated car stacking solution in the market.

For Your Next Development

Global Parking Solutions offers the latest innovation in parking systems, providing a cost-effective and space saving alternative to conventional car parking models.


Take a peek into how our automated car stacking solution works. 

We Have You Covered

Ask Us Anything

Yes, we are able to supply and install our product to any part of the world. 

Generally depends on a few different elements however you would save around 2 / 3 of land space.

Our standard AUTO-PARK Cube is 112 car park cells. However we can customize it to meet your needs either larger or smaller. We do not have a limit it just depends on your land footprint.

No! one of the great features of our car stacker is that it is 100% autonomous and doesn’t require any man power.

This all depends on the size of the car stacker you want to install. However compared to a conventional we are much quicker.

You certaintly can! depending on your budget you can completely customize how the product will look. 

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